Spell chequers dew knot work write (sic) via @novascotiarasta –

Spell chequers dew knot work write.

Am I the only one that grew up, fearing the misspelled word?
Grandmother and aunts taught school at one time, and we were constantly corrected for bad grammar, spelling and slang.

Some of my early views went like this:

Using profanity or bad grammar became indicative of poor education.

Therefore, I always attempted to correct spelling and grammar.


Yes, not everyone who makes typos, grammatical or spelling errors, lacks education.  But, that is the message that gets conveyed anyway.

The internet jargon, and one finger typists, and apathetic people drive me insane. I have become my grandmother, wanting to have editing privileges extended to allow me to correct all your mistakes, like these:


I’d like to have some to
You mean “also“? That would betoo

I’d got a few
medals while in the military.
They were made of some kinds of metal.

seen it yesterday. No, you saw it yesterday!

I could list examples forever. No one seems to care anymore. If we misspell a word long enough, we try to get it added to the dictionary.

What goofy person (probably Bush) thought up “Terror Attacks“?

Someone explain why the noun is Attacks, and Terror is used as an adjective, while it is a noun? “Terrorist Attacks” for crying out loud!


We can only claim to speak English, we certainly can’t write it!

Many years ago, I took a one year, total immersion French Course. After a year of speaking and writing French, I forgot a lot of English words. I used to keep a dictionary beside me to verify the correct English spelling after that. Now, with the internet, you should have this link bookmarked:  http://dictionary.reference.com/


Here is the ultimate spelling disaster: A professional, advertising business on the internet, with a website so full of grammatical or spelling mistakes that it looks like a child runs the business. Not all businesses are conducted by college graduates. But if you cannot spell, hire someone who can, or get a bright friend to proof read your website before you publish it to the entire world, and openly appear unprofessional.


Which advert would interest you, if you were looking for a Caravan?

“Well maintained 2006 Caravan with low mileage and many options.”


My biggest faults in typing are nearly always intentional. I type fast, like I speak, and touch type.  Or I might be up late, tired, with blurred vision, so there may be some other *typos*. Mostly, I miss a letter, or my fingers type out of turn, so that THE gets spelled TEH, for example.

And I use CAPITOL letters and “QUOTES” and *OTHER* means to emphasize something. This is something I adopted on the NET, like using emoticons, so people can tell when you are STRESSING or EMPHASIZING something. Doesn’t make it correct, but it was intentional. Now it is a bit of a habit. And I can’t remember which words receive capitol letters to start. Proper names, and Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS), are in Capitol Letters, right?

That is why I like reading those BLOGs, written by professional writers, or those with the same type of upbringing I had (where spelling and grammar went right along with learning to ride a bike or dressing yourself).


About novascotiarasta

A retired Canadian Sailor, activist, DJ and Performer, and new to blogging, but a *very* long-winded talker. ;-) Passionate about what I believe in, and relentless when scorned. I have the tenacity! I often play "l'avocat du diable" (Devil's Advocate) and may take either side in a debate. Known to fight for the underdog, and against the system, full of wit (or something that *sounds like* and usually get told I should do standup comedy.
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2 Responses to Spell chequers dew knot work write (sic) via @novascotiarasta –

  1. Cassie says:

    Wonderful! It is really a beautiful thing to see that there is someone else out there who appreciates proper spelling and grammar! I was also raised to respect and not butcher the English language and find myself forever correcting the spelling and grammar in many publications (online and off) that I read. My biggest peeve is one you mentioned above : “I SEEN that yesterday.” It drives me bananas hearing this!!!
    As an amateur writer, thank you for reading my blog!

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