A few words on wireless substitution

It doesn’t make sense, No Cellular just an hour outside a major capitol city, and no payphones anymore, most of my friends have dropped landline for cellular only, and if they could provide coverage right outside the city as I drive, I would only need one phone. What we really need, is more competition. To drive down prices, and make them actually compete, not agree on pricing.

Angelus Novus

This week, Statistics Canada released some results from its “Residential Telephone Service Survey.” Last conducted in 2010, the 2013 figures are notable because they show that “wireless substitution” is picking up steam, especially amongst those younger than 35 years of age.

The report notes that “Total cell phone use, whether used exclusively or in combination with other types of phone service, continues to grow in popularity in Canada. In 2013, 83% of Canadian households had an active cell phone, up from 78% in 2010.”

Growth in cell phone use by Canadians should not be a surprise — considering that it has for some time lagged behind the rest of the world, we’ve clearly got some catching up to do. In fact, Canada’s “penetration” rate – cell phones per 100 inhabitants – has been the lowest of 34 OECD countries since 2006, when it overtook Mexico for last place spot.

John Greenwood over at the National Post…

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