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Same great music, revamped pages, Kaz Hawkins is an exceptional powerhouse of Blues Music from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I was so very fortunate to spend time with her during her first ever performances in North America, in Boston, in December 2014. A long drive that you would not normally make, unless, it was that one chance of a lifetime, so, we did it!

Kaz Hawkins Music


Hi everyone I thought I would let you know that over the next few months changes will be happening. We will be leaving wordpress for a hot new website of our own which has been a long time coming. We want to give you the opportunity to come with us by joining our mailing list so that when we move we can let you in on whats happening. Below you will see a little form to contact us with your email address privately so we can add you to our list. In the meantime apologies for any missing content or lack of posts but please follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER in the meantime.

Love from Kaz, Nick, Michael & Ross.

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A retired Canadian Sailor, activist, DJ and Performer, and new to blogging, but a *very* long-winded talker. ;-) Passionate about what I believe in, and relentless when scorned. I have the tenacity! I often play "l'avocat du diable" (Devil's Advocate) and may take either side in a debate. Known to fight for the underdog, and against the system, full of wit (or something that *sounds like* and usually get told I should do standup comedy.
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