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A retired Canadian Sailor, activist, DJ and Performer, and new to blogging, but a *very* long-winded talker. ;-) Passionate about what I believe in, and relentless when scorned. I have the tenacity! I often play "l'avocat du diable" (Devil's Advocate) and may take either side in a debate. Known to fight for the underdog, and against the system, full of wit (or something that *sounds like* and usually get told I should do standup comedy.

I feel good by GraceRay

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New Website coming soon join my mailing list.

Originally posted on Kaz Hawkins Music:
Hi everyone I thought I would let you know that over the next few months changes will be happening. We will be leaving wordpress for a hot new website of our own which has…

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Boston here I come!

Originally posted on Kaz Hawkins Music:
Hey everyone, I thought I would send out this post before I head of to Boston on Monday 1st Dec. Currently its Thanksgiving across the USA and I feel I really should be joining…

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A few words on wireless substitution

Originally posted on Angelus Novus:
This week, Statistics Canada released some results from its “Residential Telephone Service Survey.” Last conducted in 2010, the 2013 figures are notable because they show that “wireless substitution” is picking up steam, especially amongst those…

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Stop Following Me !

Are you stalking me? Because, that would be kewl!  I’m not much of a Stamp Collector. I did it as a child, still have my collections, some are even valuable. But I don’t practise that childhood pastime as I once did, … Continue reading

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COMPLAINT: NS Power Inc., an Emera Corporation by @NSRasta #UARB #NSPowerInc

UPDATE: 2015/02/20 (Smart Meter near bottom) HISTORY: On Monday, 29 September, 2003, Nova Scotia was hit by Hurricane Juan. When it made landfall, it became one of the most powerful and damaging hurricanes to ever affect Canada. Due to the overwhelming … Continue reading

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Spell chequers dew knot work write (sic) via @novascotiarasta –

Spell chequers dew knot work write. Am I the only one that grew up, fearing the misspelled word? Grandmother and aunts taught school at one time, and we were constantly corrected for bad grammar, spelling and slang. Some of my … Continue reading

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