Dire Straits?


Lots of controversy about the loss of “Money For Nothing” on Canadian Radio.

I could have cared less, until it raised so much *hoopla* from my friends.

So, should I re-evaluate the morals of my friends? Perhaps I have not chosen them wisely, as they seem to hold some real or social discrimination issues:

In 1972, I knew nothing of the (whatever it is called) GLBT movement. I probably made *slurs* myself that I would never do today. Of course, I have been better educated since and now have the power to make informed decisions, like:

Women are not *CHICKS* and chicken is not FREE (at least not at KFC). Why did the women’s movement not jump on the Dire Straits song for portraying them as *meat* long before the gay community had to do it for them? Oh, that’s right, we only *say* we support equal rights, we don’t really mean it.

I saw hatred posters in Halifax in 1972 on light poles around town (Nova Scotia, Canada), with homophobic rhetoric about hunting out *homos* in the workplace, and in our neighborhoods, I mean, they must all be pedophiles too, right? And if we continue saying it enough, perhaps we can send another generation back in time, to the *neverland* of bigotry and hatred.

I never noticed it before, the lyrics I mean. It was just a so-so song for me anyway, as there was lots of good music out there to listen to, and choose from. I didn’t know Johnny Horton was an extreme bigot, or I would have lobbied to have him sent “North to Alaska” with Sarah Palin.

So, before we defend our *rights* to hear this song, which portrays gays as *faggots* and women as *chicks*, should we have the right to possess a 4G phone? If you want to live in the past, give up the advances we made in the last 25 years. When Dire Straits were busy influencing North America with UK songs, I had no cordless phone, no cell phone, and who could afford a “shop vac”? Yeah, great times they were, the world was simple back then, like some people today.

At first I would have ignored the removal of “Money For Nothing”: should our day not be better spent doing something more productive than worrying about the loss of *one in a gazillion* songs from our charts (we can’t even get a good variety of new music in the Maritimes). But with each mention by my Tweeter and Facebook friends I realize that the world has not advanced. Some (even my closest friends) are still living the illusion that they do not discriminate.

Like that Full Metal Jacket quote by ‘Gunnery Sgt. Hartman:’ “There is no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on n##ers, k#kes, w#ps or gre$sers! Here you are ALL equally worthless!” The very mention of those words spews volumes of the real meaning of the words: HATRED! A gaming server I play on, has that sound clip recorded and I find it so offensive that I have to leave the game out of shame, for what our *human race* still perceives as *acceptable*.

If someone doesn’t defend the billions of people who might be offended, then we contribute to the offense. We fight for equal rights between sexes, yet women are still underpaid in the workplace, held down by stigma, and referred to as *CHICKS*, even by other *CHICKS*. Black Rappers still use the *N* word, like it was OK for them, but not for everyone else. Gays still use *queer* as if they enjoy being peculiar.

We (I include myself) all made mistakes in the past. If we relive the past, we relive the mistakes. I’m not sorry I listened to Dire Straits in the 80s, I am sorry that I was not more socially conscious and better educated back then. Instead, while not thinking of myself as a bigot or racist or sexist, I must surely have used common *slurs* and errors of judgment which were taught to me, by schools, media, parents, friends. But now I have advanced. I can recognize a bigot, even amongst my closest friends and relatives.

I can’t change the world, well, not by myself. I might need your help. Are you smart enough to help? Or are you still stuck in the 80’s?

Shame, hang your head in shame, if you are still promoting hatred!

(I reserve the right to change the opinion I have of my friends at any time)

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